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    Post  ruby on Thu Sep 20, 2012 8:16 am

    Now is it me being paranoid, but over on Turkey Central there is a member who doles out immigration advice GG style.

    Her name is Aston, and she is very good at advising vulnerable people on all matters relating to immigration, including the new rules and regulations and putting up links and quotes from the UKBA Shocked

    Now I recall that GG said her offices were in the West Midlands, where she offered her immigration advice assisted by her staff affraid I know many members tried to Google her offices, but without success. Surely if you are above board and legal, you would have no problem telling members where your offices are, after all, there were enough vulnerable people on TL desperate to get the hubby over, warts and all Razz they would have gone to all lengths to have travelled to see this wonderwoman Twisted Evil

    And the similarity does not end there, Aston is a doghole area of Birmingham, not at all like the leafy suburbs of Solihull or Sutton Coldfield What a Face

    Bet Kenny get a bit windy and will be putting up a disclaimer quicker than you can say UK Border Agency lol!

    Which reminds me, Sirin put up a disclaimer when she too got windy about GG, but it was rather like locking the stable door long after the horse had bolted. Oh and I also recall that Sirin posted that she had indeed seen evidence of GG's qualifications in the early days, when everyone was lovey dovey. Then when the shit hit the fan Sirin backtracked her previous statement and stated she had never seen GG's quals. About as dodgy as one of Del Boy's Christmas deals santa

    Maria, I'm sure you have all the evidence on the Gemsgirlgate Scandal, maybe you could refresh our memories.


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    Post  SozzledSally on Fri Sep 21, 2012 5:00 am

    I will take a look over on TC, would not surprise me if the thick admins have fallen for Aston or even taken the dwarfs advice and taken Aston on knowing shes the fruitloop GG. Why do they do it? Its not money on Kens part, it must be a need to be liked or summit. The fugltwisted dwarf pretended to her members that she has seen GGs qualifications when the shit started hitting the fan then when the shit reall did hit the fan and Sirin fell into one of her stinking worm holes she denied seeing them and said she never did. Sirins a fat lying ugly gummy dog who has big mental problems. Thats why she married the tranny, who else would marry a tranny chaser affraid

    Sal x

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