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    Sunnet Party


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    Sunnet Party Empty Sunnet Party

    Post  ruby on Fri Sep 07, 2012 7:08 am

    Well as I am sure everyone has guessed, I'm just back from Marms after experiencing extreme temperatives averaging 45 degrees sunny

    Now that may sound wonderful to the folks stuck back here in rainy old UK, but for the first two weeks there was no breeze whatsoever, (well with the exception of my windy tummy Rolling Eyes ) so it felt stiflingly hot and I can usually take the heat, however, the breeze eventually arrived which was an absolute relief to all.

    Gosh, I've gone completely off topic, what a naughty lady I am, message to oneself 'Ruby you stupid bitch, get back on topic' tongue

    OK, my grandson had his sunnet party in Marmaris/Icmeler in August. It was a beautiful sunny day lol! , all the rellies and neighbours turned up and we had a convoy of vehicles going backwards and forwards from Marmaris to Icmeler all tooting horns (more than usual in Turkey), I was sooooo proud of my grandson, he looked a lovely prince king and the event was captured on DVD as his parents hired a professional photographer for the occasion. Also his mummy and daddy presented his Turkish grandparents and myself with a beautiful photo album to treasure. study

    On the back of the vehicle my grandson was being paraded in was a drummer and flute player which played continously throughout the journey. The convoy did stop at one point on the large dolmus car park near to the Deniz Kapsi in Icmeler and we got out of our vehicles and we all had a Turkish dance to the music, some were better at it than others jocolor . There are a couple of hotels overlooking the dolmus car park and everyone crowded onto their balconies and clapped and cheered. My lovely prince had money pinned on him all night long.

    We then went to the centre of Icmeler and he was placed on a horse and taken around Icmeler on horseback, again to cheering from everyone.

    It really was a fantastic day and one that I shall always remember with great joy and pride for the rest of my life.

    I will load up a photo when I have time.


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    Sunnet Party Empty Re: Sunnet Party

    Post  Turkishheartdrop on Fri Sep 07, 2012 6:36 pm

    sounds like you all had a fab time Rubes....bet your grandson loved being a prince for the day.....cant wait to see the pics....bet he looked well handsome......

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