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    sunny days and garden centres :)


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    sunny days and garden centres :) Empty sunny days and garden centres :)

    Post  hayleyvemehmet on Mon Jul 23, 2012 8:09 am

    Hi all just thought i would say how lovely the weather is and how it drives you to the garden centre to dress up the garden :/ having been stuck indoors for a while my poor tubs looked very sad compared to everyone elses.The neighbours here tend to go all out for the hanging baskets etc so im behind with it all.Does anyone else love doing your own tubs or are you lazy and buy them ready made? just thought i would start a different topic as its been a little quiet lately Smile where i used to live i had a neighbour that totally went overboard and actually compared other peoples efforts and if you made a huge effort to keep up with her she would go running out and try to get more flowers etc to beat you ,pretty sad but just one year we all got together and made these wonderful baskets and hung them out overnight lol you should have seen her face the next day ... priceless x

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    sunny days and garden centres :) Empty Re: sunny days and garden centres :)

    Post  ruby on Mon Jul 23, 2012 6:12 pm

    Hi Hayley

    Love your new Avatar, mind you I loved your last one but it set off my sweet tooth every time I looked at it Laughing

    After all the rain we have had over the last couple of months, most of the plants have gone into autumn mode, the poor roses have gone brown and I have noticed slugs the size of small snakes which have thrived on all this rotten weather.

    I've not got green fingers and have to admit that I go out and buy hanging baskets. At the end of April/beginning of May when we had our few rare days of summer, I put out some of my potted plants into my garden which is a real sun trap, of course I wish I had never bothered, the rains came and destroyed some of the plants, others I managed to salvage but they are still in a state of recovery pale I'm especially sad that a plant that came to me as a cutting when I was a child in infant school has had to have some TLC in order that I dont lose it. Oh well its taught me a lesson, no indoor plants will go out again even if we have a heatwave sunny sunny


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