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    Urban Myths in UK and Turkey



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    Urban Myths in UK and Turkey

    Post  Admin on Wed Mar 21, 2012 6:34 pm

    When Monsieur Strawberry and I decided to go to Venice, quite a few people told us - none of whom had ever been there! - that it was very beautiful 'but smelly' lol They'd just 'heard' Venice was smelly, and actually, I'd heard that, too! tongue

    But is isn't smelly at all. That is an urban myth. Venice is actually built on the sea - Venetian canals are actually tidal sea water - and it's being naturally replenished on a daily basis by the tide If anything, the only smell there is that of sea water, which I think is rather lovely! When we came back from Venice, quite a few people asked us: "was it smelly?" Question haha - but no - it wasn't at all. It smelt fresh like the sea.

    I told them to do some Googling or go onto Trip Advisor and they'd find that even in the height of summer it isn't smelly. They looked quite surprised to learn that all their lives they'd believed an urban myth. cyclops Mind you, I'd believed that, too....until I'd been there.

    I've also been told by northerners who have never set foot in London in their life, that 'The Big Smoke' has pea-soup fogs and smogs Exclamation OK, many years ago, before they banned the burning of coal and usage of industrial chimneys/factories - it was indeed very foggy. But that was about one hundred years ago Rolling Eyes London is strictly controlled by the environmental health, and we have very clear air - with great visibilty, too. So when someone pipes up with "Oooh, you wouldn't caatch the goin' doon ta Big Smooke" it makes me wonder what sort of sheltered lives they've lead and what sort of books they read! tongue

    Of course, a lot of people are more learned now, and people from all different countries can discover what is true and what isn't. Back in the 50s and 60s when immigrants came to the UK from the Caribbean the men would often arrive at the airport or docks wearing a bowler hat and carrying a brolly. The women would always be dressed in their finest clothes topped off with a wide-brimmed hat aka Queen Elizabeth 11. I actually think that was kind of cute, but of course, we all know that it doesn't rain every day in England (might do oop north! tongue ) but London doesn't get lots of rain. Of course, our climate is very changeable, but as a rule we don't get much rainfall in London or the south.

    I've also heard about Turkish men who think that the UK is going to be full of high-rises cyclops (like New York) or imagine everyone lives near Buckingham Palace in very grand mansions or apartments, and we all eat fried egg and bacon for breakfast every single day, have afternoon tea with cakes each day, and fish & chips every Friday! tongue

    Anyway, what urban myths have you heard about? English, Turkish or otherwise?

    Strawbs sunny

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    Re: Urban Myths in UK and Turkey

    Post  Pollypecker on Wed Mar 21, 2012 9:36 pm

    Turkish men are romantic. No they are not Mad
    Bare feet make you ill
    Northern folk are all friendly

    Pol x

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    Re: Urban Myths in UK and Turkey

    Post  ruby on Fri Mar 23, 2012 11:17 am

    Gemsgirl is a solicitor, actually I have a gut feeling she's still doing the rounds as she comes highly qualified as we all know. I would put up a smiley face, but actually its not fecking funny.

    Sirin is a psychotherapist. Now this does deserve one Laughing

    You are a local in Turkey is you squeeze yourself onto a dolmus carrying 20kg of tomatoes, a live cockeril under your one arm and a screaming child in your other. Of course askim has taken up the only available seat and spread his legs wide open to let his balls breathe a little and hoping that the sock he rammed down his shorts earlier will attract a foreign woman of any age who needs a good old fashioned 'sorting out' providing the first subject that crops up is money or if English is a problem he will repeat para para para. Evil or Very Mad


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    Re: Urban Myths in UK and Turkey

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