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    A Winter's Tale in Marmaris


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    A Winter's Tale in Marmaris

    Post  ruby on Tue Feb 28, 2012 7:33 am

    Whilst living one winter in Marmaris I got quite an expert at playing Okey. It was a real novelty to see a woman, never mind a British woman sitting on the Marina playing Okey and drinking raki drunken You see, in the winter, even in a resort such as Marmaris there is little to occupy yourself.

    One day whilst relaxing on a lovely sunny winter's day playing Okey, the owner of the Aquarium Restaurant on the Marina was out walking his dog off his lead. There were a few men fishing on the Marina also, everything was peaceful and scenic, all of a sudden the owners dog saw his dinner just being hauled up out of the sea. The dog made a dash for the big fish and snapped it straight off the hook and ran for his life Laughing A lot of shouting took place and men were trying to run after the dog, but all to no avail, the dog had his fish supper.

    The owner of the Aquarium paid the fisherman a few lira for his lost fish and when the dog swaggered back around an hour later, he had his tail between his legs and the owner punished him by not allowing him off his lead for a good week bom

    As the winter is so boring, this was big news and spread like wildfire around the Marina, it was so funny to watch, it was just like something of a Carry On film.

    I know Strawbs is a dab hand at Backgammon - strange the Turks dont eat pork yet they play backgammon pig Anyway, I would take any Turk on at Okey, I am an expert at it lol!

    Anyone else got a winter tale?



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    Re: A Winter's Tale in Marmaris

    Post  Admin on Sat Mar 03, 2012 6:33 pm

    Haha, Ruby!

    That dog must have been a distant relative of a dog I had in the 90s - Rummy. He was the local Romeo, and also used to pinch people's sandwiches if they were having a picnic on the Common! Embarassed One year when I went on holiday to Greece a friend of mine looked after him for me for the fortnight, and he had a fishing lake where people used to go and fish. And exactly the same thing happened - Rummy twice pinched the fish off the fishermen's hooks! haha

    The funniest story that made the headlines of the Land of Lights newspaper in Fethiye, was of a turkey that had made a dash for it from the market just before New Year's Eve, and when it was cornered, rather than giving up - it jumped into the canal. There was a picture of it jumping in, too! I can't remember if they managed to catch it (I imagine they did) but that was major headline news for about a week!

    I also remember an advert in the classifieds where somebody was seeking a home for a Rod Weiller! Laughing Those translators on the papers used to have me in stitches! Highlight of the week - picking up the LOL!

    Another quite amusing thing - though it's not really that funny - more of an example of their attitude........I saw an advert in LOL in the winter, adverrtising meals at a winehouse restaurant in Kayakoy. So with so little to do we decided to book a table and go there. I rang the number and the woman who answered was Turkish, but could speak English, so I asked if we could book a table for the next evening and she went : "Err...err...ummmm.....oh, could you come the day after instead?" Razz She wasn't busy or booked up - she just couldn't be bothered to cook! Anyway, we did go the evening after - and although the dining room was nice (in a strange sort of way - it felt like her own personal dining room!) the food was dire! It was a nice evening though - and we just ended up buying a few bottles of their very awful wine! lol


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