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    Loverat Story - Posted for JennyS - Membership Approved



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    Loverat Story - Posted for JennyS - Membership Approved

    Post  Admin on Wed Oct 26, 2011 2:21 am

    Well I have a wanna be 'love rat' to speak of, I say this as he literally got me on my last day at the hotel we were staying in where he was a bar tender. Had left me alone for two weeks previously but made his move on the last day, ever so subtly got my number, added me to fb, showed me his screen saver on his shitty phone of two penguins (as if we're that cheesy mate). Anyhoo I did just think he was young and sweet. He text me when I left for the airport, rang me a few times and appeared online evernight after his shifts this went on for a few weeks and he seemed really lovely. He was alwasy very polite at the hotel, not over powering and brash and obvious like some of them so I kinda started to trust him a little bit. He did say very early on however, I LOVE YOU!!! Hmmmm, I just thought its the language thing, as his english is very poor, its easier to say that if its what you know than i quite like you lets see how it goes..... He somehow manage to get me to buy a flight over there which I should be on this Thursday (big mistake on my part, made in haste and fantasy land). Anyhoo once i confirmed I had bought the flight the communication became more random, and when I questioned where he was he woudl say one of the following:

    I am sleeping
    I am tired
    I am in hospital
    My mother is sick I could not get news to you
    and it went on and on, so I would challenge him in Turkish so there was no mis undersatndings, he would say no you dont understand I have work then my mother is sick blah bla blah, I started saying Hmmm I am not stupid i think you are lying, I was very direct. He kept saying no you will see I am good Turkish boy. Then he would go offline without so much of a goodbye. And again I would send a shitty message telling him how rude this is and I dont like it. Again some sob reply about how there was a massive powercut and even pictires of the rain to go with it. But my instinct was screaming at me. Once he started the, things arent good chat, I have no job in 3 days, no money. I stamped that out straight away by saying, are you after money from me? If you are you wont get anything. He said no no i dont want money. Then another time sent another sorry i could not get news, could not get online message, to which i replied well how the hell are you posting pics up of yourself and you tube videos, you must be a genius!

    So story is I think he knew after a short while there was deffo no conning me and gave up. I am sposed to be going out there on Thursday but am not going now. So I lost that money but not one penny of my money has gone into his pocket or ever will.

    The hardest part of this for me is being duped, i didnt see it to begin with because he was so gentle in person and unassuming, all my mates who met him there also said the same thing. No one can quite believe someone as seemingly lopvely as him would do that to a woman. BUT BE WARNED LADIES. This is an industry worth millions to the Turks, they are very good at it. If you have met someone and he comes out with sick parents, powercuts, I LOVE YOU's all the time, run immediately!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Loverat Story - Posted for JennyS - Membership Approved

    Post  Turkishheartdrop on Wed Oct 26, 2011 6:24 pm

    Welcome Jennys.... Wink ....

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    Re: Loverat Story - Posted for JennyS - Membership Approved

    Post  Maria on Wed Oct 26, 2011 7:01 pm

    Welcome Jenny cheers


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    Can someone translate please

    Post  JennyS on Thu Oct 27, 2011 4:56 pm

    I was sposed to be going to see him today and this is what he has written om his fb page but I cant make it out:

    Destan hotelde yaz-kış çalıstırılmak üzere bayan müşteriler aranmaktadır...Başvurular için Otele gelmeniz yeterlidir...

    İnsan kendi yazdıgı yazıyı hıc begenırmı yaw???

    İnsanlar neden ilişkilerini kamoyuna göstermeyi çok sewiyor..yani gösterince manita sayısımı artıyo ne oluo acaba???

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    Re: Loverat Story - Posted for JennyS - Membership Approved

    Post  DennyK on Fri Nov 04, 2011 8:24 pm

    any news?

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    Re: Loverat Story - Posted for JennyS - Membership Approved

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