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    Euro Million Lottery Win


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    Euro Million Lottery Win

    Post  ruby on Thu Oct 13, 2011 8:21 am

    I am sure we have all heard of the couple who have just won 101 million pounds in the Euro Lottery, lucky buggars Very Happy

    My only gripe is its a pity that the Lottery is won in such a large sum, practically speaking it would be much better if 101 people won one million each, but of course thats not the way the Lottery works.

    If you won 101 million pounds, what would you spend it on? What are your dreams, would it be property, cars, family. Bet there are a few who would be happy to give the purse strings to askim, can you imagine how many Turks a sum of money that large would attract. Would you open a business in Turkey?

    Also, would you go public?

    It would be interesting to find out other people's views on what they would do with such a large amount of money.

    The way I spend money, I would probably blow the entire amount in one week. Makes me think of the film Brewsters Millions. Laughing

    Anyway, just think of the fun and power you would have with such a large amount of money, bet even Linzee has a price, maybe we could get her to bellydance in Icmeler, mind you, have to consider the earthquakes this may trigger bounce


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    Re: Euro Million Lottery Win

    Post  Philllipa on Thu Oct 13, 2011 7:13 pm

    I cant even think what it would be like to have so much money affraid I would go off and hide to think about it, its too much money for one person and is wrong, they should share it about more and make more winners, they will have all the worms coming out the woodwork now and green eyed monsters alien she looks a hard nut and a lot older than 45, I dont like her but he seems okay.


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    Re: Euro Million Lottery Win

    Post  SozzledSally on Fri Oct 14, 2011 10:31 pm

    The sun says shes a right slapper and hints she was on the game in a caravan cyclops
    I agree she looks much older than 45 but could be all the hard living shes done cyclops

    Sal x

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    Re: Euro Million Lottery Win

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