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    Chavs in Marmaris



    Chavs in Marmaris

    Post  Guest on Tue Jun 07, 2011 5:11 am

    Why is it that Turks think it amusing to call everyone 'Cheeky Buggar', I find this expression really is old hat and they should utilise their time over the long winter months practicing their English skills and give the poor old village goat or donkey a rest. This afternoon whilst trying to relax on a sunbed, I overheard a couple of young Turkish kids frolicking around on the edge of the beach, having fun, they made me smile watching them. There were a few chavs drinking Efes as though they were in the dessert and had been deprived of water and suddenly there emerges a mirage. Anyway, I digress, these Turkish kids suddenly started shouting 'bastard' then 'cheeky buggar', the stupid toy waiter said to the chavs who were bursting their guts with laughter, 'they my brother kids we teach them English'. They are already Long Beach Boys in the making. Unfortunately, Marmaris is now the number one resort in Turkey for chavs.



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    Re: Chavs in Marmaris

    Post  Admin on Tue Jun 07, 2011 7:01 pm

    Hi Ruby,

    Oh Turkey is waaay behind the times! They still try and talk like Delboy, and I've sometimes heard a Turk say 'that's perfick' aka Delboy. I've heard a Turk down the market scream out 'Ow much???' - and it's all done in a sneaky, sly attempt to endear unsuspecting, naive tourists to them - while they rip them off and con them.

    Even their menus' are stuck in a time-warp! Steak Diane, Pepper Steak, Prawn Cocktail.........they're thoroughly clueless! rabbit

    Of course, as Marmaris attracts lots of scumbags - who probably think a Harvester is a Michelin starred restaurant - and probably dress up in sequinned tops when visiting their local Turkish restaurant - they possibly think Steak Diane is haute cuisine and feel very special when they eat it.

    I noticed this when I first went to Turkey in 2004 (though I had been there 100 years before, but that was a fleeting visit) anyway, when I looked at the menus in all the tourist restaurants I felt like I'd been put in a time machine and transported back to the 70's! I wonder if Turks think we all wear flares back at home, and all the men have sideburns and moustaches? God, Turks are so out of touch! Shocked

    Having said that, I'm quite partial to Steak Diane and Peppered Steak - though they don't do the true Peppered Steak over there - and even in England supermarkets sell pepper sauce for steak - which, although tasty, is nothing like genuine Peppered Steak.

    God, don't I digress! drunken

    Back to the chavs in Marmaris - a lot of them tend to come from up north, I'm sure. Of course, you obviously get Southerners there, too - but I think the majority come from up north. I could be wrong............but it seemed that way to me when Ertie and I went there for the weekend. Actually, when we went there we had a really good time! I was expecting it to be Hell, but we enjoyed ourselves. I can't remember which hotel we stayed at (we were always travelling and staying at different places) but it was pleasant enough. The guests were a bit chavvy - fat men with pot bellies and tattoos everywhere, came and ate breakfast with no T-Shirts on - just their shorts - which I think is SUCH bad manners. Whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner - inside or outside by the pool or beach - I think everyone should slip a top on while they eat. I find it revolting eating next to some sweating pot-bellied chav, seeing all his flab, underarm hair, hairs sprouting from his back and nipples, and little dangling red skin tags, warts, pimples, brown moles, liver spots.....UGH! It is so rude! Why can't they slip a top on? It's much nicer eating with a top on, and it keeps the sun off you!

    Oh, I remember seeing one young woman (early 20's) who must have weighed about 18 stone - she wasn't very flabby but she was really stocky and fat - she was walking along the High Street (this was in Hisaronu, actually) during the daytime, wearing just a bikini and small see-through sarong. She looked hideous - and seemed totally oblivious to all the waiters' staring and laughing at her. I bet she'd be one of those who complains about Turkish men staring! bom

    But back to Marmaris...we had a nice meal (typical touristy meal) somewhere near the castle, and at night it looked quite pretty with all the lights in the distance. Then we walked down that long strip (where the narrow beach is) and passed by all the clubs/bars/restaurants until we found one with a guitarist and singer - and went in there for drinks. We did a lot of people watching as we sat there drinking (nothing else to do, really) and that was an eye-opener! We went down Bar Street - woof woof - and we also took the ferry boat to Icmeler and spent a day there, too. I don't know if I missed something, but people have said the beach in Icmeler is much better than the one in Marmaris (actually, the beach along the Thames at low tide is better than that grey stretch of shingle in Marmaris!) so anything would be better than the beach at Marmaris; but I wasn't impressed by the beach at Icmeler - at all! It was a bit wider and softer, but wasn't particularly nice - although it was hard to see, as it was packed with sunbeds. I saw lots of chavs in Icmeler, too - though they seemed a bit quieter than the Marm chavs.

    Maybe the chavs in Icmeler think they're a cut above the Marm chavs!


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