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    Fire breaks out in Marmaris



    Fire breaks out in Marmaris

    Post  Guest on Tue Jun 07, 2011 5:10 am

    A large fire broke out this afternoon very near to the Shell petrol station, next to HSBC and The Pearl in the World traffic island. Everyone was concerned that if the fire spread, then the petrol station would explode, and that would have blown mine and everyone elses arses off without even breaking wind. Fortunately, a couple of helicoptors were swiftly scrambled and they dropped their water buckets into the sea near Marmaris Marina (hope no one's askim was having a quick dip and got scooped up into the bucket). Seriously, I did hear when I was in South Africa, Durban, that this DID happen to someone who was swimming quite a way out from shore, and the mans body was dropped directly into the fire. How awful! Anyway the fire was swiftly put under control. What with Whales being beached and then a fire near the petrol station, it has been quite an eventful afternoon. Wonder what is going to happen tonight? I will update you all soon.



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    Re: Fire breaks out in Marmaris

    Post  Admin on Tue Jun 07, 2011 7:15 pm

    Hi Ruby,

    Ooooh, keep the Marmaris News going - I bet all those Marmaraphiles will be hooked by your daily news!

    I've also heard a similar story about a bush fire - this one was in Greece. They found a man in the trees wearing a snorkel, flippers etc - and concluded they must have scooped him up out of the sea! What a Face When I first heard it I was horrified, but I'm beginning to wonder if this story is becoming an urban myth. tongue

    Aah well - at least there's no chance of them scooping up the Bungalow! pig Actually, the Bungalow wouldn't be allowed to even SIT in a light aircraft - I think the maximum weight is 14 stone on some aircraft......so no way would she fit into a scoop or a bucket!



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