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    Whales attack Turtles in Marmaris



    Whales attack Turtles in Marmaris

    Post  Guest on Tue Jun 07, 2011 5:08 am

    Whales attack Turtles in Marmaris

    Hello Ladies

    I am now in Marmaris and have spent the day on Long Beach. Sadly, I have to report that there has been a huge influx of whales which have beached themselves and are attacking turtles. The whales have been easily identified even though they are not micro chipped (we must not mention the word chips as they will start dribbling at the gills), they have huge heart shaped tattoo's on their flabby frames identifying the particular turtle they are attacking. The turtles are all very scrawny, undernourished, greasy in appearance and very sweaty. Well poor turtles would be sweating wouldnt they, after all, if you have 20 stone weighing on top of your little fragile body squashing and splaying your little legs apart, I think anyone would be sweating. They should be placed in a keep net and then put on display on the Marina in those refrigerated glass cabinets for holidaymakers to choose which one to eat for their dinner. Of course the turtles dont really mind the whale attack as it is only for a week or two and they have paid so they have to be laid. I will update you all in the next few days, for now ladies, I'm off for a sex on the beach cocktail.



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    Re: Whales attack Turtles in Marmaris

    Post  Admin on Tue Jun 07, 2011 7:22 pm

    Hi Ruby,

    Ooooh, I can just visualise these obese whales wobbling along the beach trying to attract a sea turtle! pig One beach whale (P) married her weedy little turtle last year - and I'm surprised he's still alive. How she hasn't suffocated him I have no idea. I know a woman who refuses to date any man who weighs less than her : it's just as well these beached whales can't afford to be choosy - they'd never find anyone! Suspect

    That fat old whale, Pauline, will get even fatter, too! As soon as Turtle hops it - she'll get tucking into those cream buns aka Bungalow style! pig


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