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    Sirin's Post on TC



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    Sirin's Post on TC

    Post  Admin on Wed Aug 31, 2011 9:28 pm

    Oh, take a read at some of the post the sickly Sirin spouted on another site - it's actually very revealing and shows how she views herself:

    9 years ago, I went to Turkey for the first time and met a man. I did not expect to hear from him after I returned home, and in fact I felt insulted that he thought I was gullible enough to believe him when he said how much he liked me, and how he wanted me to come back at the end of the season, and how he thought I was different from other girls he'd met.

    I was surprised when he kept in touch, but did not let my guard down towards him just because of a few texts and emails. I did internet searches for 'turkish loverats', 'turkish scams', etc and came across a forum for girls with Turkish boyfriends. It was nice to have others to talk to.

    I then realised that many Turkish men DO keep in touch with the women they meet on holiday, and that I should not necessarily read too much into it. In fact, if you do some research yourself, you'll find that longterm relationships between Turkish men and foreign women are not at all uncommon.

    Not all of these relationships work out. Most of them end unhappily, to be truthful with you. Some do turn into happy relationships though.

    Just because someone has stayed in touch with you, and you become their girlfriend, it does not necessarily follow that they are genuine. There are many advantages for a Turkish man to pursue a relationship with a foreign woman - but I'm not saying this to put you off.

    All I'm saying is - plenty of men do this. Probably most of the unmarried men working in resorts (and some of the married ones!). It doesn't necessarily mean the man you've met has done this before, but it's possible.

    But you have to judge your relationship for yourself. As the others have said, there can be alarm bells, which some people ignore.
    Try to keep your wits about you, even though this can be hard when you're attracted to someone and trying to work out where your relationship's going.

    What she's saying in the first paragraph is that she went to Turkey 9 years ago, had sex for two weeks with a man she met over there - and didn't expect to ever hear from him ever again. THAT'S high regard for yourself isn't it?! She let him have sex with her - and paid for the pleasure to boot - while thinking he was just using her as sex-on-tap for the fortnight, with some freebie food and drink thrown in for good measure! What terribly low self-esteem she must have! And how cheap is she?!

    And to feel INSULTED when he complmented her shows how little she thinks of herself. Why should she think he was lying about wanting to see her again? Does she really rate herself so low? She's actually saying (without realising it) that she was prepared to let him use her for the fortnight - believing to herself that he didn't really even fancy her - he was just using her. How could ANY woman do that?!!!!!!!

    I suspect because he was the first man to ever give her complments (albeit insincere ones - as it later transpired) she must have thought there was something wrong with him to act so keenly. And I wonder why she was 'surprised' he got in touch with her? Actually, I don't wonder. She was surprised because she'd never had a man chase her before.

    Another VERY odd thing is why, after just a few follow-up calls and texts from him - she decided to do Internet searching on Turkish Loverats! How did she know they existed? How did she even know Turkish men had a repuation for being loverats? And why was she starting to delve into him and investigate him after a simple two-week holiday romance? That sounds awfully eager and desperate!

    When I first met Ertie I was aware of Turkish Loverats, but that was because for a couple of years while recuperating after my accident, I used to read lots of magazines (I never even used to go on my computer, except to write letters and emails) but I used to read lots of magazines which I'd pick up from the supermarket when I went shopping. If the headlines looked juicy or gossipy - I'd buy them. And Take a Break often had outrageously gossipy headlines, so I'd buy it and read it while laying on the sofa, eating half a packet of Hobnobs with a cup of coffee (total sloth) and would feel almost pervy reading these dreadful accounts of ridiculous Turkish Loverat relationships. And it was in one of those stories that I read about Seftali, and I remember that SO WELL, because plastered across the top of the page in large letters was the name of her website - TURKEY WITHOUT THE TRIMMINGS - and I was kind of dazed at such a name. It was good and tasteless in equal measures. But it was good in that it was a name you'd remember.

    I know I've drifted on here, but the point I'm making is that I only knew about Turkish Loverats through reading it in Take a Break. So I'm wondering how Sirin knew about them? I bet SHE wouldn't admit to reading TAB - ever! When she goes on holiday she takes with her Turkish novels written by Turkish authors, that have been translated into English, similar to the type of books written by Leo Tolstoy. Thick, heavy, books - that she holds at a specific angle in the hope people on the sunlounger next to her will think she's really, really intelligent - and what's so amusing about it is - she has to struggle through them, because they're sooooo bloody boring - and she can't understand half of what it means! She almost gives herself 'homework' to take on holiday - but she doesn't realise it!lol Holidays are supposed to be about FUN! And I bet she sneaks a Jackie Collins in her beachbag and slips a Tolstoy cover over it when she sees someone coming along!

    Anyway, she obviously knew (somehow) that Turkish loverats existed - and even though it had only been a two week fling with Birol - she took it seriously enough to join the club of EGOTS. Almost straightaway - after his first text! Keen, or what?!

    And do you notice how she omits to mention the FACT that nowadays - you have far more chance of being fished off the INTERNET by a rat than you do meeting one in a resort? She doesn't mention THAT, does she?! And we all know why..... Of course, there are rats working in the resorts - we all know that - but equally there are also genuine guys working the resorts. BUT, when you meet a man in a resort - in the flesh - you know immediately whether or not you have a chemistry, and you can also evaluate a man much, much easier when you can sit opposite them, and share time together, and see how they act and behave. You can also smell their scent, listen to their voice, notice their body language, LOOK INTO THEIR EYES (the windows of the soul) - all of which you CANNOT do on webcam.

    These days, the Internet is RIFE with Turkish loverats fishing for a Western woman! Just like the Frock did her. The Internet has opened up the floodgates for all these rats to pick up some sad, lonely woman and bamboozle her into believing he really wants a relationship with someone who lives 2000 - or 5000 miles away! Haha! These rats go into Language sites (great place to pull a Western woman) or Turkish forums run by Western women....they always fish them out. I don't know what the percentage is with regards to how many Love Rats work in the resorts - but I would bet my life on it that 100% of Turkish men fishing for a Western woman on the Internet is a rat!

    So for her to go only mention Resort Rats - and omit to mention INTERNET RATS - shows how twitchy it makes her feels. And no bloody wonder!


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    Re: Sirin's Post on TC

    Post  Maria on Thu Sep 01, 2011 12:04 am

    2 words - hard up!


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    Re: Sirin's Post on TC

    Post  Guveclover on Thu Sep 01, 2011 4:10 am

    Oh we all know how she loves to dwell on resort-based rats - never internet-based ones. However, the truth is that these days the internet-based ones are fast overtaking the resort-based ones. They are becoming far more prolific in snaring women and fleecing them - and as part of a long term plan too.

    Many of these resort rats are only intrested in keeping a few women stringing along to come and visit them at different intervals, bring a few gifts along with them (trainers, football top, mobile etc), treat them all the while they're staying with them and best of all send them money via Western Union once they're back at home. Some of them aren't even intereted in leaving Turkey. Many would much prefer it if they can find a woman gullible enough to find a way to buy them a partnership in a restaurant or bar out there so they can stay put. That way they don't have to move out of their comfort zone and can lord it over their mates pretending that they're the boss - we all know that all Turks and Kurds love to be "the boss". They all visualise themselves as the owner of a business raking in the cash, doing as little as possible, ordering others about and playing the big "I am".

    No, the craftier ones in my opinion will be the ones with a bit of nouse who seek out women on the internet, groom them and appear to not be like the others. With a computer the world is their oyster. They can target women from a particular country, depending on their own personal agenda, and as we know America seems to be the place that many of them are favouring these days. They're generally in it for the long haul and want to carve out a niche for themselves in another country.

    They're the ones with the long terms plans and they're by far the more insidious ones if you ask me.


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    Re: Sirin's Post on TC

    Post  Teenz on Thu Sep 01, 2011 6:56 pm

    Spot on Judith

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    Re: Sirin's Post on TC

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