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    Message for Sian TL - Re: KK's Thread



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    Message for Sian TL - Re: KK's Thread

    Post  Admin on Sat Aug 20, 2011 6:22 pm

    In response to this post of yours on Sirin's site:

    I was one who had post deleted Kittykat was giving my support and much the same as Pauline had said try let it go over your head I think most of us are getting to be victims.

    Sirin i know what you mean we don't want bring ourselves down to there level but I think us members who are feeling vulnerable thinking twice about when they post and most probably some members have stopped posting altogether sorry if this post is going to cause any problems.

    Sian xx

    You're clearly out of the loop. I suggest you speak to sickly sweet Sirin and tell HER to stop running that other site (which I refuse to publicise) with her grotesque mate, Linzee (aka Truth Giver, Cherry Pie blah blah blah)

    Sirin, and her band of sick misfits, has said the MOST despicable things about me on that other site. Stuff such as they are glad my late partner was killed in a plane crash; hoped I was brain damaged; wished I get cancer; made libellous comments about my Turkish partner - that he could actually sue them for - if he knew about them! They called my BEAUTIFUL pretty 4-year-old granddaughter 'the bastard child' - which she is not (her parents are married - very happily too!)

    If Sirin thinks she and they are going to get away with this shit they've been chucking for over two years - they're even more mad than I originally thought.

    I suggest you go and do your homework - you obviously don't know what Sirin is like at all. She bamboozles the thick, stupid, gullible and naive....she's absolutely putrid (just like Lindsay Aitken Norman aka CherryPie)

    She's got away with it for long enough - but I intend to take this right to the TOP. Mark my words.


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    Re: Message for Sian TL - Re: KK's Thread

    Post  Turkishheartdrop on Sat Aug 20, 2011 6:32 pm

    Good for you Strawbs! She's got away with it for too long now, her, Linzee (you forgot Linzee's other names...WHISPERER...you are slipping Strawbs LOL...only joking! tongue ) How many names has she got? I can count about 10? LOL I love it when she slips up and posts to herself lol! Linzee is funnily thick ...she's the one who started the crap about Ertie being married coz he had a ring on his finger in that picture you put up...the engagement ring you bought him Laughing The fat floppy mare is as thick as clotted cream yum yum yum I bet she goes when she's spooning it in her fat cakehole. She needs a shag, that's her problem and that's Sirin's problem. They are all frustrated mingers. pig

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