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    Visitors Visa


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    Visitors Visa

    Post  ruby on Mon Jul 25, 2011 1:54 am

    I have just read of a girl who is going to apply for a Visitors Visa for her boyfriend in November.

    The scenario goes as follows:-

    Askim earns the princely sum of 600TL per month. He sends money back to his family and after his personal purchases is left with zilch.

    His girlfriend has suggested sending money over to make his bank balance appear healthy. She is even going to pay for his flight, food, accommodation, trips etc whilst he is in the UK.

    Never fear, Gemsgirl's replacement has posted full of tips for a successful application.

    The original poster's askim has about as much chance of getting a visitors visa as I have of being given the proceeds of last week's Euro Millions of the couple who have now gone into hiding.

    In order to obtain a visitors visa you HAVE to prove that there is a good strong reasons why askim will return back to Turkey i.e. Tapu of property/land, expensive car, permanent employment (with a letter from employer), money in bank, own a business, have completed military service.

    If you can overcome the above, the chances of obtaining a visit visa are extremely good, although, I used to recommend that the girlfriend did not sponsor askim, rather her parents sponsor him as ECO's can become suspicious that askim will do a runner in the UK. That said, if the girlfriend has a good job etc, then depending on the ECO, this can be overlooked.

    What really bothers me about this girl is why oh why is no one i.e. Manager/Moderators having any input and advising these vulnerable girls/women accordingly? Surely this would be the most responsible and sensible thing to do if you really cared about your members, in fact, I have not seen any so called management on the visa site for ages to offer support/advice, or have I missed something?



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    Re: Visitors Visa

    Post  Admin on Mon Jul 25, 2011 3:46 am

    Oh, the managers on TL couldn't give a flying fig about the visa women - and they're out the loop, anyway. They're alright Jack - they got their visas - so why should they try and help a woman asking visa advice when they couldn't give two hoots whether she gets it or not? That's the crux of it!

    Of course, they like the women keeping the visa board busy (the only forum that is busy!) but they're too lazy and disinterested to offer advice. Sirin was in her elemant when Gemsgirl took over the board and dished out wrong advice - even though she herself knew it was bad advice - and members were paying dearly for the wrong information. I'm surprised Sirin has the gall to continue posting when everyone knows what she really is....

    I actually think she enjoyed watching women fail in their attempt to get visas - it gave her a kick. What I have discovered about that woman (and Sandie) since doing my undercover work is appalling. It really highlights the dangers of the Internet.....you just don't know who the person is behind the screen name. I know Sirin tried to 'groom' members into disastrous relationships - with Turkish men they'd never even met!!!

    She's slolwy coming unstuck.......


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    Re: Visitors Visa

    Post  Teenz on Mon Jul 25, 2011 4:00 am

    We all know why that is! The manager and mods don't give a shit about those women, plus they are just far too busy taking the piss out of the members behind their backs on the managers only forum on TL that the members don't get to enter.

    So id guess it would make them look very two faced to start posting something supportive after slating off so many of them

    Oh and not forgetting making up new sites continuously and hiding behind aliases. That keeps them busy too.

    I feel so sorry for the member's that have been shafted behind the scenes by Sirin & co.

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    Re: Visitors Visa

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